About us



Based out of San Jose California Rise Above Republic is the collection and collaborations of a movement within this generation. The clothing line was created in order to express what is being experienced in this time. We strive to embody our beliefs though our lives, faith and clothing. 100% designed and manufactured in The Bay Area the vision began when a youth group reset its purpose through a prayer meeting called the Upper Room. This  caused a deep passion of our faith so we needed to create another outlet to express it. We believe that God is doing an amazing work in a generation and is calling young and old to stand up and in the last day with confidence and show the world a Loving Living God who we stand up for unashamed.    




Is the call for a Generation to Rise above the influence of others and blaze their trail. We started a youth event called the Stratosphere when we got a vision of young people who choose to live by a higher purpose. Rise Above became the cry of youth of the church and quickly became the movement needed to drive us forward. We believe to stand for God in these last Days a generation will need to be different from the crowd and just like in the book of Daniel choose to not bow down and Rise Above.




The heart on fire was the symbol of our Upper room Prayer meeting and found in almost everything we do. It’s a reminder number one in the power of prayer since that is where every God movement must start. In the Book acts when the church movement started Fire came down and filled the Upper Room with Gods Holy Spirit, that started with prayer. We believe for a Generation to stand strong our hearts must be burning with God Holy Spirit. It’s a symbol to remind us we are part of the resistance not called to be like everyone else go with crowd or to conform. In a lot of our designs you will see it represent the Power of God set a seal on the heart or arm to show God is working through us to receive this it starts with Prayer.